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Odd Jobs You Can Work to Make Great Money

Curious to push yourself out of your comfort in pursuit of a good wage? Check out our wacky infographic of unusual jobs that could make you good money.


Credit to the guys at Job Titles for the original article.


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The Anatomy of a Great Resume

Check out this great infographic. Lot’s of great tips!


Credit to the guys at Top Counseling Schools.

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Older Generation Forced To Embrace New Job Search Technologies

Dragged kicking and screaming, maybe. But online job search and the use of social networks in order to find employment is no longer just the preserve of Generation Y.

When job boards first came onto the scene a few years back, they were given a wide berth by most anyone over the age of 35. The ‘older generation’ were quite comfortable with what they regarded as the personal relationships they enjoyed with a trusted recruiter or headhunter, and viewed the internet with some suspicion when it came to searching for a new job.

‘It was mainly a trust thing’, says James Brookner, CEO of social networking job website Jobvidi, ‘Experienced professionals were used to dealing face-to-face with recruiters when considering a career move, or trying to gauge where the market was at’. But that’s all changed, Brookner says, as Gen X has had to overcome its fears and embrace new technologies in order to stay in the game.

‘The depressed employment market and the fierce competition for jobs these days has meant that jobseekers who had previously relied on personal connections to get a job have needed to familiarise themselves with online job search tools too. They have had to understand that new job search technologies are an essential part of their strategy’, Brookner added.

‘Gen X’s engagement with online job technologies not only indicates that more seasoned professionals are now better able to cope with these tools, but is a reflection of the challenging economic climate’, says Brookner, ‘It’s a case of evolve, or die’.

What do you think? Are you part of the ‘older generation’, if so I’d love to hear your thoughts?

Credit to HereIsTheCity, check out the original article for more details.