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Goldman Sachs Career Quiz

Would you make the cut ?

How it works:

Answer a few questions – all multiple choice with no wrong answers. The questions will ask you about your educational background, as well as how you approach challenges and solve problems.

You will not need to provide your name, as this isn’t an application for employment.

Based on your answers, the firm will suggest a short list of Goldman Sachs divisions that may suit your skills and interests.

Goldman Sachs Career Quiz


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21 ‘Wow’ factor employers that will help get your CV/resume noticed!

Recruitment consultants and in-house recruiters each receive hundreds of resumes / CVs from financial markets professionals every week (especially these days), but what makes recruiters sit up and take notice?

1. Goldman Sachs – if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere

2. JPMorgan – has a reputation for hiring quality staff across the board

3. Morgan Stanley – seen as an organisation that is based on strong ethical behaviours, staff therefore highly sought after

4. Jefferies – a whizzy firm that is thought to only hire whizzy people

5. Deutsche Bank – seen as a firm which encourages employees to think outside the box

6. UBS – seen as giving staff a good grounding in the industry

7. PIMCO – regarded as a firm full of academics and rocket scientists

8. BlackRock – staff seen as mixed in quality terms (depending what area they are in), but always a popular name with recruiters

9. Moelis & Co – the new kid on the block, which is thought to have done so well so quickly as it has attracted the right people

10. Evercore Partners – class, sheer class

11. Cantor Fitzgerald – the firm has street cred, and employees are thought of as very sharp

12. Macquarie – seen as a firm that will try and recruit only the best, regarding themselves as ‘the Goldman Sachs of Australia’).

13. Barclays Capital (now just Barclays) – a good name on a CV, but some staff can be on the expensive side

14. ICAP – niche firm where only the strong survive

15. BMO Capital Markets – making inroads in the industry by hoovering up top talent

16. Credit Suisse – has a strong brand recognition, but a mixed bag in terms of quality of employees

17. Lazard – has a reputation for employing top drawer staff, but many are fussy where they go next

18. Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets – when they are good, the staff are very, very good

19. Citi – still a firm with a strong brand, but are there any superstars left ?

20. Bank of America / Bank of America Merrill Lynch – the Merrill name opened doors, but that’s not always the case now with the Bank of America monicker

21. Standard Chartered – regarded as an excellent (if unexciting) firm full of competent bankers

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