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Odd Jobs You Can Work to Make Great Money

Curious to push yourself out of your comfort in pursuit of a good wage? Check out our wacky infographic of unusual jobs that could make you good money.


Credit to the guys at Job Titles for the original article.


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History of the Online Job Board

Job boards have been around for longer than you think, with many springing up in the early 1990s at the dawn of the internet. Want to find out more about job boards and the candidates that use them? Take a look at this infographic to find out more.

History-Statistics-of-Job-BoardsCredit to the guys at Sample Job Descriptions for the original article.


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How to Answer Tough Interview Questions

Have an interview for an exciting new job lined up? Worried you’ll mess up? Let’s go over the basics.


Credit to the guys at Sample Questionnaire for the original article.

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Job Search – Have you got the I.T. factor?

Latest figures show that the numbers of people employed in the UK are the highest since records began.  Forecasts, both short and long-term, show that the total is expected to remain on an upward curve, with the rate of unemployment quite stable at around 6%.  Freelancing and other forms of self-employment are also rising fast. So there is plenty of work out there, especially for people with the requisite skills, experience and qualifications.

Although some view this as unhealthy, London remains the powerhouse of the UK economy as evidenced by a recent report which found that the capital had ten times the number of job vacancies than other major UK cities. Job creation in London in recent years has been extremely positive, both in the public and private sectors and the expectation is that this will continue.  The situation nationally is patchier, with some regions seeing net job losses in both sectors. So London remains the place to be.

Hiring is currently buoyant within IT, in the Financial Services sector for example. One reason is the renewed confidence as the economic outlook is becoming more positive. An increase in data and software development projects has led to consistent demand for suitably qualified professionals. And of course, change is a constant feature of the IT industry; nothing stays the same for very long.

Job hunting can be hard work - use an online tool!

Job hunting can be hard work – use an online tool!

A CV is of course a vitally important tool for anyone applying for jobs, especially in IT. Effectively, it is your marketing brochure. It needs to be a comprehensive, sharp but concise and professional document.  Preparing a CV will also often help a candidate to identify gaps in their qualifications, gaps which they can set about filling.  Prospective employers will be impressed if they see you are adding to your qualifications.

Not surprisingly, given the nature of IT work, the most common method of job hunting in this sector is to use the internet, and in particular to apply for positions via online websites, such as This can be extremely useful in providing a one-stop solution to job searching and it also often contains helpful blogs dealing with numerous practical issues, for example how to handle gaps in your CV.

One important benefit to be found on is that all the major recruitment agencies are listed in one convenient place and you can add more that are relevant to your circumstances. This is especially useful in the modern market as fewer and fewer companies advertise jobs directly.

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How To Get Noticed By Recruiters

Recruiters pride themselves on being able to find the best candidates. But what if they haven’t called ? Here’s how to get their attention.


Credit to the guys over at How to Write a CV for the original article.

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Co-Workers From Hell

Yep, we all have our horror stories about co-workers from hell.

Well, pinged their users on the worst co-workers they’ve ever had and man, did they get an earful!

I once had a co-worker who clipped his nails at his desk. I am still not over the horror of it all. To this day, the sound of a clipper is still like that screeching sound during the shower scene in “Psycho.”

I had another co-worker who was so universally disliked, other co-workers would Tweet “__^__ ” when she was approaching, meaning — “shark in the water.”

Here are some of the “hygiene horrors” PayScale heard about:

  • “This one lady always burped and clipped her fingernails. Gag!”
  • “One word: farting. Uncontrollable, incessant farting.”
  • “Coughing up phlegm all morning long. Gross!”
  • “There was once a discussion from the staff about buying the business owner a gift basket of mouth care products. This person’s breath was somewhere between annoyance and horror.”

They also found a whole lot of unprofessional, lazy and obnoxious behavior:

  • “I actually worked with a girl who wore house shoes and sweats that said ‘juicy’ on the butt — then she wondered why clients didn’t take her seriously or respect her. Also, lazy people drive me nuts, and Debbie-Downers. Womp-womp.”
  • “A male coworker called all the women he worked with ‘girl’. ‘Hey girl’ only works for Ryan Gosling, and only if I don’t work with him.”
  • “I had a coworker once who was nearly crazy (passive aggressive, played the victim, just an emotional basket case). I also had the joy of having the office next to her. One day, about 3PM, I hear someone playing a mandolin in her office. It was her. She had to practice she said. I couldn’t believe it.”
  • “I can’t stand passive-aggressive group e-mails, especially ones with words in ALL CAPS.”

The Internet is loaded with complaints about co-workers – the oglers, the combative types and the perpetual victims.

On , one poster spoke of a co-worker who spoke down every day and doublechecked everything the employee did and then went one better – er, worse – and went to the boss and said this person didn’t know what they were doing.

On , one fed-up employee said a co-worker from Hell “stole my work, called me names in the hall, let the air out of my tires, and scuttled any program I tried to start. She got her job by being the mistress of an important man in the hierarchy.”

Another post on JobSchmob talked about a foreman who leers at her when he’s in the office. When she chirped, “What’s shakin’?” he gave a glance to her backside and said, “Looks like you are.”

Ew. offers a list of five types of bad employees, including “The Panicker,” who is “always running around the office with steam coming out of their ears and their hair looking like they’ve just been wrestling with a wild bear…” and makes “every trivial task into a battle between good and evil where they are Luke Skywalker to the filing cabinet’s Darth Vader.”

And then there’s “The Silent Assassin.” “This was the weird guy who always ate lunch alone and quietly kept scribbling onto his notepad during meetings. This was the woman who looked like she had seen a ghost when you asked her if she had seen Sex and the City the night before. They have no social skills and they are silent. They are deadly. Those notes that he was taking? They were all about how you keep stealing stapler pins from the admin desk and how you are always browsing humor blogs when you should be working. These people annoy you because they ruin your image with the boss and can eventually lead you to quit when you realize the amount of hatred your boss has developed for you.”

On Twitter, there were tales of grime in people’s teeth, lying and blaming and one co-worker from hell who *gasp!* played that song “Call Me Maybe” twice a day.

Oh the horror. The humanity.

It’s one thing to show up with food in your teeth or Juicy printed on your butt. But we have to draw the line at Carly Rae Jepsen!

Psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter offers this advice in “Psychology Today” for dealing with CFH’s (Coworkers From Hell):

  • Anticipate and be prepared
  • Don’t reinforce bad behavior
  • Don’t take it personally
  • Avoid direct attacks on the CFH, emotion, sarcasm and defensiveness
  • DO NOT engage
  • Practice reasoned responses to CFH behavior


Credit to CNBC for the original article.

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The World’s Dirtiest Jobs …

… and you thought your job was tough!

This info-graphic lists the world’s top 10 dirtiest jobs. This will make getting up before the sun, skipping breakfast and sitting through the commute from hell, look like a walk in the park! Your job will look so much more appealing to you after you have read through this dirty job list.
Dirty Jobs

Info-Graphic Source :