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YourJobList is a fantastic new service for job seekers that allows you keep track of all your job applications online when and where ever you are, enabling you to search for a new job on the go and manage your career.

Looking and applying for a new role can virtually be a full time job in itself and with most companies being represented by agencies it is difficult to remember who and what you have applied to. Often the same job is advertised with different recruiters and you will unknowingly apply for it more than once, which is a waste of your valuable time. YourJobList allows you to keep an eye on and track your applications by creating your own personal job list and having all your job applications and job history in one easy to access location. When a recruiter calls you about a certain job, you can easily find it and be able to answer and ask any relevant questions pertaining to the specifics, without being caught off guard!

You can also leave feedback about the recruitment agencies and individuals you have spoken to, which is a useful tool when looking for your next job and also for other job seekers.

We are not affiliated to any other agency or site so our service is completely impartial and allows you to search for your new, ideal job. By signing up to our completely free job manager service, YourJobList will provide access to a comprehensive list of recruitment agencies and their websites so you can contact them directly and keep track of who you spoke to and which job you applied for. You can also see how far along in the process you are by tracking your application and managing your job history with a specific job or agency.

We also have a list of the most popular jobs sites so that you have a good starting point and you can rate the site so you will know next time you come to use if it worked for you or not. YourJobList also allow you to personalise your own section of the site by adding a list of employers you would like to work for and keeping an eye on whether or not they are recruiting by checking their website for vacancies.

YourJobList has a regularly updated blog containing all the latest news about who is recruiting and useful tips about job hunting as well as industry and recruitment articles. You can follow the latest news through our Twitter updates.

YourJobList is a unique and useful way to allow you to manage your career and track all your job applications, it is a service that our users find invaluable and use every time they are searching for a new job opportunity.

How our service will help you find a job:

  • All the main job websites are listed in one place and you can add your favourites and ones that our specific to your industry.

This is extremely useful, it is often the case when you start searching for a job you will look through all the big sites, but as time goes on you tend only to use maybe two or three and forget about the others. YourJobList allows you to list every related site so you can browse jobs and manage your career wherever you are.

  • All the major recruitment agencies are listed on YourJobList and you can add more that are relevant to you.

Fewer companies advertise directly these days and that can be a nightmare for job seekers as you are never sure which company it is you are applying to. It also means that recruitment agencies are one of the most valuable resources available to you when you are searching for a job, especially with so many of them all catering to different specialities and niches. YourJobList already has the main recruitment agencies listed online to get you started but you can also add those that are more applicable to your particular industry.

  • You can rate and leave feedback on recruitment agencies.

Recruitment consultants fall into one of two categories, the ones that are overly helpful and actually do assist in finding you a job and the ones that aren’t. Everyone has had at least one bad experience with a consultant and probably many more good ones. YourJobList isn’t designed to name and shame recruitment agencies, just merely allow you to give feedback that is useful for you in future job searches so you know who will be good to approach and work with again.

  • Every job you have applied for is in one place and easily accessible – you can monitor and keep a track of your applications and create a personalised job list.

It is useful to be able to see when and what jobs you have applied for and be able to update their status. All too often in the midst of applying for jobs you can lose track of applications, particularly those with lengthy closing dates, sometimes a couple of months can pass before you hear anything and you have forgotten all about the application. YourJobList ensures that you know the exact status of every job application and are able to quickly find them in your application history.

How Our Site Works:

Joining YourJobList couldn’t be easier, simply pick a user name and password and you are ready to get going.

On entering YourJobList you will see 6 tabs:

My Jobs

The first tab is a where you can add and edit a list of the jobs you have applied or are going to apply for. Jobs will be ordered by date so you can see the most recent; it is up to you how you list them or what you call them. For example, if you are applying for lots of account director roles that all have the same job title it will be easier for you to find them by naming them something unique and individual that you will remember.


The next tab is a list of the employers you have selected that you would like to work for and that are currently recruiting. You can add their website and notes about them as well as a direct link to their jobs page. This is extremely useful for large companies that employ on a frequent basis so you can check back regularly.


This tab has a list of the main and most widely known recruitment consultancies already listed as well as some more specialist ones, however we allow you to easily customise the list and add or delete agencies so you have a list that is tailored to your specific needs.


Here you are able to list the recruitment agencies and consultants that you have spoken to and rate them accordingly. You can list all their contact details including phone number and email so you have it all in one safe place that can be quickly found and updated as and when you need to.

Job sites

A list of all the most popular job sites available, again this list can be simply modified to your own needs and preferences, you can also rate the site and its usefulness and user ability.


Our blog is regularly updated and can help you find out the latest information about the UK job market as well as providing useful links and articles.


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