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Whoa, Not So Fast College Grad; That Piece of Paper Doesn’t Necessarily Guarantee A Job Anymore.

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From the time we start school parents have a vision of their children being successful not only academically, but assume these achievements will lead to a successful future filled with plenty of job opportunities to choose from.  Being “picky” in a jobless environment is not an option for many, especially college graduates who not only have to think about moving out of their parent’s basement, but more importantly, student loans.  The National unemployment rate stands at 7.5 percent, but it’s much higher for recent college grads.  Unfortunately, the jobs just don’t exist; the number of college graduates are significantly more than there are jobs.  Why give all this effort for all those years and never see it payoff?  The motivation of college grads to achieve success is dwindling.

Individuals who don’t acquire a college degree have been competing for jobs with overqualified college graduates who struggle to find work within…

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Author: Ben Logan

Software Developer & Solution Architect, currently in the Financial Services domain.

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