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10 things I wish I’d known before becoming an IT consultant

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Takeaway: Careful research, thoughtful planning, and honest self-assessment can help you make a successful leap into the IT consultant role. But the realities of the job will still surprise you.


Before opening an IT consultancy, I did my homework. I interviewed lifelong consultants. I read books. I even took personality tests to confirm that my psychological constitution matched the challenges I’d face as an entrepreneur owning and operating my own business.

Some lessons, though, you just have to learn yourself. If you’re a technology consultant, or if you’re considering branching out on your own, take a few tips from my experience of supporting hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes. Here are 10 things I’d wish I’d known before becoming an IT consultant.

By Erik Eckel

1: Some people are never happy

2: Not all IT pros make good consultants

3: Some clients never intend to pay

4: Vendors abandon you

5: Clients expect a know-it-all

6: And one more thing…

7: Immediate service, but 60-day payment terms

8: Clients only remember what didn’t work

9: You’re almost always working

10: Follow-up is not optional

Check out the full post for all the detail.

Credit to TechRepublic for the original article.



Author: Ben Logan

Software Developer & Solution Architect, currently in the Financial Services domain.

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