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10 must-haves you need to land your dream role

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Want a top job? Make sure you’ve ticked off all the items on our to-do list…

(This article is focussed on IT professionals, but most of the points can be applied to other industries)

1. Work on the hot project

To get ahead in the careers race, job seekers need to manoeuvre themselves to end up working on the project that will be the most visible, in as well as out of the company, and bring the most value to the business.

2. Speak to the head hunters

For IT staff that feel opportunities are lacking in their current organisation, contacting a head hunter could be a good move: Russell Reynold’s Cook said that his firm receives CVs all the time and that even if IT employees just want advice, head hunters can be a useful resource.

3. Polish your LinkedIn profile

Looking up potential hires on LinkedIn is now a mainstay of executive recruitment, so individuals looking for a better job should make sure their profile is up to scratch.

4. Think of yourself as a brand

If you’re being considered for a promotion or you have applied for a new job, it’s very likely that your prospective employer will Google you – so individuals looking for a better job should attempt to manage their online persona.

5. Contribute to industry forums

Another way to build up a personal brand is to contribute to relevant industry forums such as’s CIO Jury or LinkedIn group to get your name known in the right circles.

6. Go to parties

No really, go to parties. Go to events, launches, tweetups – go to anything that gives you the chance to network.

7. Speak at conferences

For individuals who want to get into the most senior levels of their organisation, consider taking the extra step of actually speaking at a conference rather than just attend one.

8. Get international experience

IT staff who are looking to progress into more of a business role need to make sure they have experience managing international projects.

9. Learn a foreign language

As well as having international experience, being able to speak a foreign language is a skill that is highly valued by organisations looking to hire senior level IT staff.

10. Think different

As IT workers begin to approach the executive levels, technical skills are taken for granted.

“You need your technical skills clearly because without those you aren’t even on the starting track, but what is going to differentiate you, and what is rare and scarce and therefore in demand, is being innovative,” she said.


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Author: Ben Logan

Software Developer & Solution Architect, currently in the Financial Services domain.

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