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21 ‘Wow’ factor employers that will help get your CV/resume noticed!

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Recruitment consultants and in-house recruiters each receive hundreds of resumes / CVs from financial markets professionals every week (especially these days), but what makes recruiters sit up and take notice?

1. Goldman Sachs – if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere

2. JPMorgan – has a reputation for hiring quality staff across the board

3. Morgan Stanley – seen as an organisation that is based on strong ethical behaviours, staff therefore highly sought after

4. Jefferies – a whizzy firm that is thought to only hire whizzy people

5. Deutsche Bank – seen as a firm which encourages employees to think outside the box

6. UBS – seen as giving staff a good grounding in the industry

7. PIMCO – regarded as a firm full of academics and rocket scientists

8. BlackRock – staff seen as mixed in quality terms (depending what area they are in), but always a popular name with recruiters

9. Moelis & Co – the new kid on the block, which is thought to have done so well so quickly as it has attracted the right people

10. Evercore Partners – class, sheer class

11. Cantor Fitzgerald – the firm has street cred, and employees are thought of as very sharp

12. Macquarie – seen as a firm that will try and recruit only the best, regarding themselves as ‘the Goldman Sachs of Australia’).

13. Barclays Capital (now just Barclays) – a good name on a CV, but some staff can be on the expensive side

14. ICAP – niche firm where only the strong survive

15. BMO Capital Markets – making inroads in the industry by hoovering up top talent

16. Credit Suisse – has a strong brand recognition, but a mixed bag in terms of quality of employees

17. Lazard – has a reputation for employing top drawer staff, but many are fussy where they go next

18. Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets – when they are good, the staff are very, very good

19. Citi – still a firm with a strong brand, but are there any superstars left ?

20. Bank of America / Bank of America Merrill Lynch – the Merrill name opened doors, but that’s not always the case now with the Bank of America monicker

21. Standard Chartered – regarded as an excellent (if unexciting) firm full of competent bankers

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Author: Ben Logan

Software Developer & Solution Architect, currently in the Financial Services domain.

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