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IT Opportunities
UK, USA, Singapore, Norway, Germany
Competitive remuneration + excellent benefits
The Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine can empty a squash court of air in under a second. Each of its fan blades is so strong you could hang a diesel locomotive from it. The fan tips spin faster than the speed of sound. And performance like this depends on people like you.
Do you have something exceptional to add to a company spanning 120 countries and still growing, that’s invested £11billion in R&D, IT and training these past 10 years? Are you ready to take on one of the new roles in our expanding IT function?
We’re looking for great leaders and technical specialists including: Head of IT Competence Centres; Delivery Directors; Project Managers; Programme Managers; Business Analysts; IT Support Executives; IT Security Specialists; Process Specialists and Architects.
To find out more about IT career opportunities at Rolls-Royce, please visit us


Author: Ben Logan

Software Developer & Solution Architect, currently in the Financial Services domain.

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